8 Seater Minibus hire

Our 8-seater minibus is perfect for traveling, especially in small units. No matter the amount of luggage you have, it will be able to fit on top the luggage compartment easily. Comfort is guaranteed with this one.

An 8 Seater Minibus from Birkenhead Minibus Hire can be a great solution for transporting  smaller groups of passengers. It could be a great family solution for taking your loved ones to the airport and home again after you have been on holiday. This is a great small yet versatile vehicle which also has plenty of room to accommodate a considerable amount of luggage for up to 8 passengers.

The 8 seater Minibus is nice and comfortable even when it is full for transporting you, your passengers and luggage. The vehicle has air conditioning fitted to make your journey with us even more comfortable. The seats in the minibus are fitted with approved UK government seat belts meaning that you and your passengers will travel in the knowledge that you are being kept safe.  The safety of all our passengers is paramount.

This smaller minibus can therefore be a great solution for your transport needs. In order to find out more about it and if it will meet yours get in touch with us today to discuss all of your options. Our staff at Birkenhead Minibus Hire are courteous and helpful and will provide an instant quote. We are extremely proud of our low, competitive prices and we will be surprised if you found cheaper for a similar level of customer service!

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