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Our Bus and Coach Hire Company

We have a reliable bus and coach hire company that will be instrumental in transporting you around the city of Birkenhead easily and without any hassle. We have been saddled with the responsibility of moving people efficiently and quickly and we have set out to carry out that responsibility with efficiency, that efficiency will be brought unto our working relationship with you as well. We have been able to run our business in such a way that will help us to respond to some of the most pressing needs of our customers so if you’re facing a crunch time need to travel and you’ll need someone to get you there, feel free to give us a call. Our services are delivered quickly, with great speed, and in an effective manner nonetheless.

We make sure that our drivers are of the highest quality. We hold our workforce to the highest esteem and we can ensure that they go through vigorous physical and mental training that will prepare them for the task ahead. They are drilled on their driving skills, obedience to laws, etiquette, dressing, etc. All of these are done to ensure that they represent you (and by extension, us as well) in the best way possible. We put our customers first and we will like to ensure that your trip is safe comfortable, and that you get to your desired destination quickly and without any complaints.

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Contact Details

No 1, Tower Road South, Birkenhead, CH41 1HW

0151 6650072

Mon to Sun :24 hours